How to make home made Ellunda or Sesame seed balls or Til gud laddu

how to make home made ellunda or til gud laddus

Winters are here so are the winter superfoods. Sesame seeds are loaded with nutrition that makes it a must-have in your winter diet as it generates heat and energy into your body. So you can include sesame seeds into your daily diet this winter. Try this popular Indian sweet til laddu or ellunda which is so simple and easy to make at home and is highly nutritious.


  • Sesame seeds:- 3/4 cups

  • Jaggery:- 1/2 cup

  • ghee:-2 tsp

  • water :-1/2 cup

  • cardamom Powder:-1/2 tsp


Dry roast sesame seeds over medium heat, for about 5 minutes.

Heat another pan. Add jaggery and water. Make a syrup until one string consistency. Switch off the flame and add roasted sesame seeds in syrup.

Add cardamom powder and ghee and mix well. Leave aside until you can bear the heat of the mixture in your palm.

how to make home made ellunda or til gud laddus

Grease your hand and take a scoopful of the mixture and shape it into a ball. If the mixture becomes dry then again reheat the mixture over a low flame, just to warm up and it will start melting and repeat the process.

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